Local professional musician overcomes rare disorder to launch new single

(Hollywood, California) - Professional music artist William Rustrum of rock act Saint Luminus has announced the release of his latest single, Illumination. The song, produced in Los Angeles by Cori Jacobs with additional engineering by Devon Steelman of Steelman Studios, will be available for purchase and streaming on all digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. As a show of appreciation for fans, Rustrum has decided to give away downloads of the new single for free. Those free downloads will be available to anybody visiting www.GiftFromSaint.com and will be available for a limited time. Rustrum, a 1996 graduate of Cal State - Long Beach and a 2005 alum of The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, was a long-time member of Megadeth tribute band, Hanger 18 before going on to be a solo artist. However, he saw his music career nearly derailed after being diagnosed with a rare neurological condition that affects muscle groups in the hand. The condition, known as Focal Hand Dystonia, forced Rustrum to completely relearn how to play guitar so that his music career could continue. The new single is a perfect representation of what Rustrum hopes people will experience when listening to his music. “I hope people will experience music which will take them away from the grind of daily life,” says Rustrum. “I want them to feel as if they are flying up into the stars while the starlight illuminates their inner being.” Rustrum was excited about the opportunity to have Jacobs work on Illumination because of the different sound Jacobs could bring to the track. “I’m a guitar player and my genre, generally speaking, is rock,” he explains. “But I didn’t want a ‘rock producer’. I needed a different perspective from someone who could take my rock idea and give it a fresh, new, and exciting sound.” Again, the song is available for free download for a limited time at www.GiftFromSaint.com. ABOUT WILLIAM RUSTRUM From leaving a job in electrical engineering to pursue music professionally to nearly having that career derailed by an unusual health issue, William Rustrum of Saint Luminus has experienced many of the ups and downs typically associated with a life in the modern music industry. Currently residing in the Los Angeles area, Rustrum has been striving to provide audiences with a unique ambient musical experience, something that he found inspiration in after witnessing a fireworks display that served as a tribute to one of the world's most popular bands, Pink Floyd.

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