Fan Testimonials

“Will be an add to my playlist of life.” - Dave Coleman “Cool electronic music with great guitar work. Inspiration!”- Magic97527 (from Youtube) “OMG. This is brilliant!” - Carol Reynes “I listened to it 10 times back to back, you're a genius!!” - Marty Doty “I am looking forward to hearing more of your work and hopefully to see you live in concert performance. Either way, I am a fan” - Brain Patteson “Cool track” - Dustin MidNyte Driscoll Illumination is beautiful” - Joao Medeiros “OMG!! Illumination!! Its #interstellar fabulous! I’ve listened to it 6 times and still counting!” - Diana Kelley Illumination has so much wonder and awe.” - @MannyWarhol “I absolutely love it!!” - @camielysa

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